Tips For Conducting Online Investigation

There was a time when private attorneys and investigators used to spend a lot of time investigating things in the field. Most of the traditional methods used in gathering evidence involved interviewing friends, witnesses, acquaintances, and family members, taking photographs, visiting libraries, examining crime scenes as well as conducting undercover surveillance. However, things have changed greatly in the modern days and the time spent in gathering evidence has been reduced significantly.

Today, the investigation process can be accomplished by using a reliable laptop, an internet connection, and telephone calls. The process of conducting successful and thorough preliminary online investigations will help you in generating substantial evidence even before you decide to visit the field.

The following are some of the great tips which will help you in conducting an online private investigation. This will be beneficial in gathering background information about a certain subject.

Taking detailed notes

You are discouraged from relying on your memory when keeping track of the numerous pieces of data that you might encounter. Instead, all the searches should be written down as well as the relevant results.

Using the main search engines

google search

Search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google are one of the best places which you can use when gathering preliminary investigations. You are discouraged from relying on a single research engine, using a variety of search engine will help you in broadening your scope. Using flexible search terms will also help you from excluding potential results accidentally. Besides, you can search for the email address if you can locate he targets email address. Conducting a thorough search will enable the investigator to obtain relevant information such as blog comments.


MapQuest and Google maps will offer you with street and satellite views of the relevant address locations. The process of getting the directions from a common location can help in suggesting the possible or frequent travel routes when exploring.

Using the social media sites


Many people reveal their information on the social networking platforms even without realizing it. In fact, a basic LinkedIn or Facebook profile could be having some valuable information which is related to the person who is being searched.

Domain names/websites

If the target which is being investigated has its website or domain name, then a significant amount of data can be obtained or gathered by thoroughly analyzing the history of such sites. For instance, IP address, source code and “Whois Information” can provide you with the details of the person who is operating a website. Domain search can also help you in obtaining additional information.



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