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Top Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence which is exhibited by machines. In computer science, it is defined as the study of the different types of intelligent agents. Intelligent agents are those devices which can perceive the environment and then execute an action which maximizes its chances of accomplishing a particular goal. Some of the capabilities which are classified as AI are: understanding the human speech, competing at strategic gaming systems, intelligent routing in interpreting complex data, content delivery of networks, and military simulations. The following are some of the hottest AI applications which succeed in leveraging data in the ever-changing technological environment.



Thus is one of the most popular artificial intelligence applications. This app is personal assistant software which is meant for the Apple devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Apple watch. It is an application which has adequate intelligent knowledge for recommending, answering questions as well as delegating requests to other services which are connected to the web. Voice mainly controls this software. It is capable of returning or answering individualized questions after recognizing the user’s language. It is estimated that this software receives over one billion requests on a weekly basis. SIRI app is available in different languages.


This is personal intelligence software which was developed by Google. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. The user can use this software by launching it. Google will then to pull its synced information from Google services used by the user’s history to provide the user with the required alerts and recommendations. This is one of the greatest applications which enable the user to see the different types of Google cards.



This is voice service which was developed by the Amazon Company in 2015. It is meant for the Amazon Echo intelligent speakers. This application can easily adapt to the user’s natural voice by relying on the language processing algorithms. With this application, you can continuously recognize the user’s patterns from the different interactions since it is well connected to the internet. It is used in delivering quality answers to the questions asked by the user.



This is one of the free artificial intelligence applications. It is used as personal software on Windows computers. This software has an ability to react to voice command made by the user as well as performing different tasks on the computer. Furthermore, this software is designed with an in-built speech recognition technology which enables the user to interact with his or her computer over Wi-Fi through the Briana application for Android. Briana app is currently available in the free, paid and English versions.…

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