Guide to Buying the Right Hoverboard

adult hoverboard

If you are looking for a mobility device, it is advisable to consider getting a hoverboard. The hoverboard is popular among teenagers and children. This device has similar features to the skateboard. As you know, hoverboards are expensive, but they can offer you value for money. You need to consider a range of things when buying the best hoverboard. These are some of them:

UL Certification

cheap hoverboardSince the hoverboard is a mobility device, you ought to take into account safety. Moving around at over 10 mph on an electronic device is quite risky. That also explains why hoverboards are not supposed to be used by kids. In the past, these devices were known to explode because of the rechargeable battery. However, advancements in technology have resulted in the production of hoverboards that are safe to use.

Type of Hoverboard

There is a need to consider the type of hoverboard you purchase. Remember that there are lots of models you can buy from and you might feel overwhelmed by the high number of hoverboards. Remember that hoverboards have a similar concept but might have a range of features that vary from one unit to another. Some of the vital things to consider are speed, internal motors, materials, and speed. Since the battery is important, you need to check the specifications.

Charging Time

It is vital to consider the amount of time it takes to recharge. Sometimes you have to be patient if you need the battery to be fully charged. The charging time varies from one hoverboard model to another.


teenage hoverboardThe average speed of a hoverboard is 10 mph. You can get some models that can ride at a higher speed. In this case, you should consider your desired speed. Although you will be moving at about 8 mph, it might be slow, but you will not feel sluggish. Before you purchase a hoverboard, make sure you consider the speed it can handle and the recommended age. Remember, there is a need to avoid injuries as they can be fatal. Therefore, do not go for a high-speed hoverboard if you are a beginner.


The ideal weight of a hoverboard depends on several factors. For instance, you need to consider how you will be riding your hoverboard. If you need it for moving around college or a park, you should get one weighing less than 30 pounds. Also, you should consider your weight and whether the unit can handle it.